Smart Casual

February 19, 2007

I think it is dreadful the extended madness goes around the office world that states the needed to dress smart casual, otherwise, we are told, clients will look at us in disbelief and think you are a bunch fucking slobs that don’t do any work. The necessary extension to this is that dressing better means that we are more professional. I would like to see the peer-reviewed research that shows this astonishing fact.

As a slap in a face to all this corporate nonsense I suggest that we comply with the rules and dress smart casual, but have all our garments full of food stains. Nobody said it was stainless smart casual! I wonder how would that rate on the corporate the professional scale?


Live Earth gigs

February 16, 2007

I cannot believe that we are about to have Live Aid style concerts for the environment (read more about here at the BBC website). Weren’t people already 100% totally convinced that Live Aid is a waste of time? Isn’t it clear by now that 3rd world charity doesn’t work? Why do we now need to extend this gimmick to the environment? Are musicians today so shallow and pathetic that they need causes to feel any sense of fulfilment? I have a better challenge to musicians today: try making more than one decent album in your career.

I blame Al Gore (the most uninspiring speaker of all time) for all this. With hindsight, George W. Bush victory in the 2000 election was a bless.