Ricky Gervais: one love

March 30, 2007

One of the funniest sketches available on the web. Ricky Gervais makes some interesting points about morality and it is more thought provoking that it may seem in the beginning. Enjoy.


Mélissa Theuriau

March 26, 2007

This woman became an icon overnight thanks to YouTube. Despite the US continuously looking for beautiful women to front their TV programmes, they continuously fail, because their definition of beauty is so incredibly narrow. This gives hope and potential to women in other countries. This one is French and they have successfully manage to create an instant success out of a newsreader.

Info: The music in the video is Enya – Skin 2 skin.

Update: As someone pointed out: this video has stalker written all over it.


March 23, 2007

This video, done for comic relief in the UK, shows why Tony Blair is, without a doubt, the most impressive politician of my life time.

Work life balance

March 15, 2007

I am worried. The work place and the home place is increasingly looking like the same and somehow I don’t think this is good. In the past, work and home were quite different places and we weren’t confused. More importantly, we didn’t use work tools at home. Home was different from work and the two life styles very rarely mixed. Nowadays we are driven by integration: our computers at home have the same systems as the ones at work, our management courses teach values and lessons that apply to both home and work life, some of us have our breakfast at work, we take work home and discuss with our loved ones like it actually matters to them, and we see work as a healthy break from the stressful life at home.

Some of us will think this is all good, but it isn’t. Employers devised this strategy to make us work 24 hours. Work is now so pervasive that it invades our inner life and populates it with tools and clues that makes us work all the time in the pursue of a mythical balance, which of course will never come.

Whilst in the past workers faced the hardship of work, the modern office worker faces an invasion of their emotional persona. Not quite sure which one is worse.


March 14, 2007

“Idiots who don’t believe in the book of Genesis”, Bill Maher 16 February 2007

Dream job

March 13, 2007

Quite often the question “What is your dream job?” gets asked. Invariably, people have two typical answers to the question; they either say that their dream job was a part time job when they were 16 (e.g., working in a café) or they say that their dream job is some kind of impossible job that neither fits their current life nor really exists (e.g., help indigenous people in Chile).

Both these answers are very depressing, because they both highlight that we are not living our dream lives (far from it), but, more worryingly, making silly compromises that lead to doing completely different job to our dream job.

Whenever someone asks me the question, I say “My next job”. This way I am saying that I am living the dream.