Instant reward

I just discovered that my employer has “broaden the range of reward and recognition available”. Apparently, as a first move, they will be “introducing an Instant Reward scheme and the primary element is the use of gift vouchers”. Great, I cannot wait for this…

There will be two types of vouchers available: a phenomenal Marks and Spencer voucher and super useful high street voucher — because M&S is not part of the high street!

My employer claims that this will “allow managers quickly to recognise where people have gone that extra mile and shown initiative in the areas of customer service and people management.”

I cannot wait for the next moment when I do something okay and I get a five pound discount for the M&S lingerie section. Since when outdate telemarketing strategies became acceptable to use around here? This is truly depressing.

I can only conclude one thing. My employer assumes that me, and my colleagues, work solely as a means of continuing/propagating our inane consumerism attitude and nothing else. Now I understand, all that crap about job satisfaction and sense of purpose, it was all about M&S vouchers.


One Response to Instant reward

  1. iwi says:

    good one!

    Although unfortunately I’m not so surprised, I once had an employer that told the whole marketing department in a 20 people plus meeting that we were all there so tomorrow we would be able to buy a larger TV… O_o

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