Sheryl Crow

The other day I discovered that Sheryl Crow is retarded. She posted an entry at The Huffington Post that almost paralysed me; I thought it was a misprint. In a global warming post, Sheryl seemed to be very impressed with young people today and how savvy they are. She claims that they are well informed and ask the right questions. Sheryl also gives an example: “this one kid who, when given the mic, asked me what I was doing after the show! Then, he threw in that he didn’t have any homework that night. So cute. Ok, he waited by the bus and handed me his number and said for me to call anytime. Sorry Brent, I’m old enough to be your mom but I sure do appreciate your chutzpah.”. Is this an example of well informed? I guess it is, after all he was informed enough to know that Sheryl is now single and therefore he thought he had a change. Ah, the great difference between information and thinking. But Sheryl goes further into defending this guy, she tells us that this kid “will go far in life.”

You wouldn’t really know from all this that the topic of the post was global warming. The only global warming-like reference? Her tour bus runs on biodiesel and she thinks that is good. I rest my case. No wonder Lance left her…


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