Flight of the Conchords

Here is the catch with the new comedy series Flight of the Conchords: the music is the only bit that is funny. Now, this is particularly interesting to me, since I don’t like musicals at all; but what these two New Zealanders, Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement, do with music is absolutely incredible and refreshingly hilarious.

Flight of the Conchords is a comedy duo that got a new series on HBO and the first episode was broadcasted on 17th June 2007. The plot of the episode is not important or very relevant. The show is actually quite boring, as the authors described in an interview for NPR Fresh Air, but I think the series is likely to get better with time. However, the high point of the episodes is the three musical acts. The musical acts are funny, very well acted, highly relevant to the story and completely idiotic. In this aspect I strongly disagree with Dave Morgan’s review.

Act 1 shows them at a party where Jemaine sees this girl called Sally. The singing totally silly but, yet through the lyrics, is actually totally appropriate; “Let’s get in a cab, I will buy you a kebab”.

Act 2 shows them recording a video and singing their stand-up act hit The Humans Are Dead, which includes gems such as “We used poisonous gases and we poisoned their asses”. You can see this particular bit here.

Act 3, the final musical act, it is the classical love song, completely turned around; ““These aren’t tears of sadness, because believe me I just have been cutting onions. I am making a lasagna”. Again you can see a teaser here.

I have a brain haemorrhage every time I see a musical. I change the channel, leave the room, I simply cannot cope with people dancing and singing whilst pretending to say something to each other. Even when Woody Allen tried with Everyone Says I Love You I wasn’t really happy with the final result. Maybe I am getting old, but Flight of the Conchords have made the musical a possibility for me.


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