Am I the only one not understand or liking Twitter? Everyone is now getting into Twitter and I sort of understand the allure of it; it mimics the self- indulgent/obsessed belly button times that began with blogging (what I say and what I do is sooooo interesting) and Facebook (look at me and my friends, aren’t we cool?). It also propagates the wrong belief that anything important and/or difficult can be said in a couple of sentences.

I think we are collectively losing it. Look at it! Typing 140 characters to say what you are thinking to a number of followers that are either stalkers or not interested in you at all.  What is the point?  It is just hype; do you remember second life? Exactly, the same type of hype.  No meaning nor content, but it sounds cool becasue cool people use it.

No one should dispute that Twitter is colossal waste of time and will add nothing to the collective knowledge.  It isn’t even playful enough to add to our minds. It is just live YouTube commentary – offensive, debased and idiotic. I reckon the Bush years have left common sense thinking looking like dissidence. As Charlie Brooker put it: “Twitter is a monumentally pointless "social networking" thingamajig that lets you type 140-word ponderings or questions to an audience of other timewasters.” I couldn’t put it better myself.


6 Responses to Twatter

  1. imad says:

    hi miguel.
    i haven’t tried out twitter yet, and i don’t personally know friends who use it.
    2 questions:
    1. do you predict twitter will either die out or evolve because it is so pointless in its current state?
    2. what is your latest opinion on facebook?

  2. My answer to it all is to set up an anti-socialnetworking site where people can find a list of like minded people to go round to their house/office/bump into them in the street and literally finger them.

  3. andrezero says:

    cool… very cool

    Miguel actually has a twitter account, but you can’t tell that he never really tested it…

    so, as usual, Miguel is bashing something he really doesn’t know or understands… but fun as usual 😉

    @imad.. why ask Miguel? go find someone that knows anything about social media

    @theonethatgotaway… now this is the fun part: exactly, that’s precisely why I’m using twitter… I’ve actually met very interesting people and had a few real beers and laughs already

  4. andrezero says:

    …though it never got to the literally “finger one another” part yet.

  5. miguel says:

    the problem with techno hipsters is that they live and believe in the hype; there isn’t much you can do about it. I don’t think I have the best understanding, but should be able to appreciate the subtleties of twitter. If am not part of twitter’s core audience then they are thoroughly fucked.

  6. miguel says:

    Interesting you can check when someone joined twitter using

    If you check me (knoroz) you get 6 August 2007. If you ckeck andrezero then you get 19 May 2008.


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