Pop politics

June 22, 2007

Politics always had to be popular, but with Hilary seeking a new song for her campaign and Obama girl, pop music has arrived to the scene. The blend of soft-porn and catchy pop tunes is what the YouTube generation is actually doing rather than being the engine for social change that so many commentators seem to be suggesting. This video gives us a glimpse on the present state of politics. It is no longer individualist, shallow and ideology-free, but it is pornographic, monetarist and delusional. Enjoy the new musical democracy, because it is here to stay.


Relaxing with madness

May 8, 2007

I don’t really know why I find this video so relaxing. It shouldn’t be relaxing, right? This is basically Claude Lelouch 1976 classic “C’était un rendez-vous” on bike, in NYC, without a story and without the engine noise replace with Bandwitch by Broken Social Scene. However, I tend to find that this mixture of crazy antics by those bikers, the seemingly smooth near misses and the ubercool soundtrack drives my brain to suave land.

It is strange, but I think it makes sense. Films like this should fire me into some sort of action, but they don’t. Modern life has nullified me. Our dull lives are so unbelievably stressful, in their mighty dullness, that I need to see this kind of stuff to release some adrenalin – in the comfort of my home. This is one of the great achievements of our society; dull stuff is so incredibly boring but terribly exhausting, and only complete madness can relax us. So next time someone comes up with the theory that it is violence on TV that makes people kill other people, tell them: “No, it is the dullness of our lives that forces people to go mad”. Enjoy and relax.

Live Earth gigs

February 16, 2007

I cannot believe that we are about to have Live Aid style concerts for the environment (read more about here at the BBC website). Weren’t people already 100% totally convinced that Live Aid is a waste of time? Isn’t it clear by now that 3rd world charity doesn’t work? Why do we now need to extend this gimmick to the environment? Are musicians today so shallow and pathetic that they need causes to feel any sense of fulfilment? I have a better challenge to musicians today: try making more than one decent album in your career.

I blame Al Gore (the most uninspiring speaker of all time) for all this. With hindsight, George W. Bush victory in the 2000 election was a bless.